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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rochford - September 2012

This photo was taken a couple of days ago, a sunny afternoon and a tranquil, rural view overlooking what will be the 600 home Hall Road Estate.  The famous Rochford "chimney" is in the distance.  This could be the nostalgic "before" photo and maybe we'll publish an "after" in a year's time as it looks like Bellway Homes are undertaking preliminary work in the site in readiness for this landscape to be eternally destroyed.

There is still no news on when the High Court will rule following Cogent's (Coombes Farm) challenge to the Soundness of Rochford's Core Strategy.  I've spoken to a few people, including local Councillors and our local MP, Mark Francois and no one appears to know why it is taking so long, and all the time the Government appears to be shifting more and more to a position which may allow yet more of our Green Belt to be ripped up.

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