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Monday, 17 January 2011

6 miles across Cherry Orchard Park

I'm a reasonably keen walker and jogger, and Rochford offers excellent opportunities for both, although lack of day light and damp, water logged ground offer a challenge at this time of the year. I thought it could be worthwhile documenting some of the runs and walks, starting with this 6 mile run. It starts in the Market square in central Rochford, and finishes at Ironwell Lane, junction with Ashingdon Road.

Wherever possible, I try to avoid heavy traffic, it just makes running more of a grind. This run involves some soft ground, the route passes through woods at Gusted Hall, and along Ironwell Lane - both unmade. Despite the heavy rains, I managed to avoid a bootfall when I ran the route at the weekend, though caution is required.

The route is easy to follow. When heading South along Hall Rd, you need to take the underpass into Cherry Orchard Park at the first roundabout. Stay on the path which follows the edge of Jubilee Park until the very end, when it exits onto Green Lane. Turn right onto Green Lane, and follow until you reach Fleming Farm Rd (you can zoom into the map to obtain greater detail). Follow Fleming Farm Rd, a single tracked tarmaced road, past open fields and farm buildings until the very end, and turn right, when the road becomes a byway. You will reach a footbridge across a stream, and follow straight ahead, and up, through Gusted Hall woods. After approx 400 yards, you will exit the woods and pick up the route at Gusted Hall Lane. The remainder of the route should be able to be followed from the map.

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